Founded in 2012 by a team of bloggers from around the world, AllOverCode Programmers Group now has more than 700 developers, programmers and experts, as well as more than 12,000 decentralized members in the field of informatics.

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AlloverCode is evolving

The ac project is going through the final testing process, this project has the ability to plan all the advanced projects using the data distribution network (Such NetTrigger). AC language has the ability to plan projects in the field of web, object control, industry, aerospace, etc., and by communicating with human intelligence, it can update its day and develop its core. Give.

AlloverCode performs Complex projects

Execution of complex and ultra-complex projects by intelligent AC language algorithms, without increasing resource consumption

Decentralized programming

The AC programming language develops in two ways and updates and upgrades its core intelligence. In the first method, the developer community introduces the necessary updates to the core as distributed information. In the second method, the internal intelligence and self-government automatically updates itself.

Ability to interact with other languages

The AC language is able to communicate with other languages ​​and create two-way interactions.

The most intelligent programming structure

The autonomous intelligence technology used in the programming language and the AC core are unparalleled in their kind. This project is the result of the efforts and cooperation of 12 advanced computer research centers, and the result of this cooperation is the achievement of intelligent and advanced AC technology.

The most flexible programming language

The AlloverCode language has extraordinary capabilities due to having more than 470 fixed programming commands and also having more than 1.4 billion intelligent and internal code commands. So that it can intelligently develop itself using unlimited internal commands and adapt to any ecosystem.

Communication with human intelligence

The commands and signals used in the AC programming language can communicate with the human brain and intelligence through the ACIT interface protocol, which will revolutionize the web application industry as well as the robotics industry.